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Today I am featuring Rita Webb who has commented on my blog often. Thanks Rita! Rita has graciously accepted my request for an interview. 

How long have you been blogging?
About six years now. I started with a blog about homeschooling and about
kids books, but when I started writing with the intention of becoming a
professional author, I dropped the homeschooling blog and started blogging
about books & writing.

How long have you been writing?
Since I was 12. My mom read something I wrote for school as if every word
was a treasure, and I was addicted. I took all the advanced writing
classes in high school but gave it all up in college for a career in
computer science. Why? I don’t know. Then marriage and children and jobs
and money drove away any creative endeavors.
…until my job announced pending layoffs, and I knew, I just knew, I’d be
on the list. And that’s when I decided that when I grow up, I’m going to
be a writer.

Which book was the hardest to write?
It’s not the writing that’s hard. Do enough pre-planning, world building,
and plotting before hand, and it all falls into place. It’s the editing.
Round after round after exhausting round of edits, and you’re ready to
murder your main character.

What is your favorite all time book?
Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott. And thus my middle daughter’s name is Rowena.

What jobs do you have/have had before becoming a writer?
I’ve done everything from telemarketer, debt collector and fast food to
day-care coordinator and then activities director at a resort. And
finally, Software Test Analyst.

What do you do in your spare time?
Reading, homeschooling, and taking dance classes. May 2012 was my first
time to be on stage before a live audience! Not only did I manage not to
flub up the two dances I performed, I did it without my hands shaking. I
just pretended that the audience wasn’t there. Next year, I’ve scheduled
myself for 9 dance classes (hip hop, tap, jazz, contemporary, ballet, and

What is your favorite genre to read?
Urban Fantasy & Paranormal, both adult & YA.

Favorite food?
Tacos. But I am allergic to dairy, corn, wheat, & yeast in the salsa & hot
sauces. Once a year, I convince myself it won’t be so bad and treat myself
to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. I always regret it.

Favorite color?
I love earthy colors: browns, blues, greens, purple, and soft burgundies.

Biggest pet peeve?

About Rita

Me, My Girls, and a Tiger on My Head

For me, writing is all about my family. There's one thing I want more than anything else, and that is to be home every day with my kids. Being the working mom and watching my husband TJ do most of the homeschooling is excructiatingly painful.

But once I started writing, something else began to happen. I had a dream of a better world for our family, and my daughters began to dream too. Kiddo #1 watched everything I did and copied me. If I wrote a story, she'd write a story. When I plotted, she asked me to teach her how. When she saw that my story plots had multiple threads and the threads complemented each other, she started planning more complex plots.

When I planned a web site, she designed a computer game. Now my husband TJ and I have started our own business Robot Playground Inc, and she gives me ideas of what we should do with our business.

Kiddo #2 loves art and dancing, and I encourage her to follow her heart. Kiddo #3 loves music and laughter.

Dreaming means that my children will dream, and I can't give up or I'll teach them that dreams aren't worth fighting for.

Twitter @RitaJWebb 
Facebook RitaJWebb 
Goodreads Rita Webb
Her Blog Rita's World 

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