Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review ~ Pursuer by Monique Morgan

Description taken from Amazon
When her plane crashes into the ocean, Zanas is dropped into a brutal world of survival. She soon learns that this is no ordinary place, as the land mutates all that live within its borders. Her sister is kidnapped and taken beneath, thrusting Zanas into the middle of a primitive society, where she will find her death, or her destiny.


I really like the fresh new concept of this book.  The characters were enjoyable, strong heroine, vivid descriptions. There are a few things I have a problem with, however. Like after the plane crashes and the survivors meet the "natives", Zanas never asks where they are or questions the odd things, she just goes with it. And once she goes to look for her sister, beneath, she joins the society there, and doesn't ask about her sister, doesn't look for her sister, nor does she have inner dialogue about her sister! When she finally does find her sister, it is anti-climactic. I really struggled with how many stars to give this book. I liked the book over all, so I should give it 4 stars, right? But Zanas, not asking the obvious questions bugs me. So, 3 stars? I would be willing to read the next book though.  Maybe 3 1/2!

& 1/2
Good Book

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