Friday, May 11, 2012

Feature and Follow #4

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Q: This Sunday in the U.S. is Mother’s Day, in celebration, what are some of your favorite books with strong mother/child relationships?

A: This is a hard one, as most of the books I read, the main characters are from broken homes! So, I would have to choose Flirting With Death (Assassins Anonymous - Step One) by Heidi Hall. Their relationship is not perfect, but it is a strong one. 

Description from Amazon:
Is there a twelve-step program for recovering assassins? 

Kayla McKenna is a covert assassin—and she likes it. After her father was murdered by terrorists, she was consumed by the need for retribution. But landing her dream job as a CIA assassin turns out to be merely a stepping stone in her plot to avenge the heartaches of the past... and present. One botched mission earns Kayla a burn notice, a bullet hole and a one-way ticket back to suburbia. Banished to her childhood stomping grounds with a meddling, shopping-addicted mother intent on grandkids, three overprotective cop brothers, a sexy criminal who can’t decide whether he wants to shoot her or date her, and a new boyfriend even her family loves, Kayla may finally get the chance to find out what really matters in life. 

That is, if living a "normal" life doesn’t kill her first. 

With a delicious combination of mystery, suspense, romance, edgy chick-lit, and a dash of paranormal, the first installment of the new Assassins Anonymous series is a wickedly fun treat.

Now which book did you pick? Leave me a comment, if you have a blog, leave a link so I can follow back! 



  1. That's going on my TBR! Now following via Networked Blogs!

    Haven't heard of that book! The question was a tough one!!

    My "FF" post.

  2. Definitely going on my to-reads! I've never heard of the book before. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Following! :)

  3. WHY HAVE I NOT HEARD OF THIS SERIES BEFORE??? I HAVE TO READ THIS!!! Okay, I'm going to stop yelling. This is exactly why I love meeting new book bloggers though... this sounds perfect for me and this is the first time I've heard of it!

  4. never heard of that one... but it sounds great!

  5. That book sounds extremely entertaining! I'll just put that on my list... I love memes and discovering new books! It's such a difficult question this week. Not very many protagonists have typical families! New follower via GFC.

    My Feature & Follow Post. :)

  6. Oh I must read this. Great picks, new follower:) Check out my FF?

  7. I will have to agree.. that book does sound entertaining. Who doesn't love a good assassin right??
    new follower! If you want to and have time, stop by my blog and check out my FF. No assassins (yet) but good books nonetheless.

    have a great weekend red-headed bookworm!

  8. Never read that book before, but it sounds awesome :)
    Thanks for following :)
    I returned the favor ! :D

  9. I won that book but haven't read it yet.

    1. You should read it when you get a chance, I loved it!

  10. Hi Heather :)

    I haven't read this series!! Thanks for visiting my FF! Hope you had a fabulous weekend.

    Happy reading! Old follower!:)


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