Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday #2

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This meme gives you a topic and asks you to "weigh in" with your opinion.

Today's Topic....
E-book VS. Print

My Answer....
 I used to be pro print hands down. Well, that was until I got my Kindle. Now, I still love my print books, but there is a larger collection available in e-reader form. For instance, Amazon has a huge list of FREE e-books, and they change frequently. If I order an e-book, I get it waiting on Mr. Postman. Of course, print books have advantages too. You can loan print books to anyone for however long you want. And I love to loan really good books to people so I can talk about how great it was. An e-book can only be loaned to someone else with a Kindle and can only be loaned for 14 days. For me this isn't a black or white topic. I have chosen to list the Pros of each. 

E-books Pros
Larger selection of books
Take up less space
Can take every book you own with you where ever you go. You don't have to choose one or two when you  go on a trip.
Can get many books for free
Greener (Saves trees)

Print Pros
Can loan to anyone
You can display your beautiful covers
Can have these autographed (of course, some ebooks can be kindlegraphed but it's not the same)
You can read without worrying about battery running down.
I worry about what will happen to our libraries with the popularity of e-books.

Well now that you have my two cents, or more like 10 cents, I went a little crazy with this one, tell me what you think. If you have a blog, leave a link so I can visit back!


  1. You have some great points! I love my Kindle and e-books, but I still have all my favorites in print. I love that you mentioned e-books be greener! I didn't even think of that.

    Melissa @ Reading It All

  2. Wow, you really weighed it all out, that's awesome. I love your "green" comment btw, and all the freebies and discounted ebooks out there. But yes, the points about not being able to loan fave books out, or have them signed or dedicated is true as well. I don't think print books will ever go completely extinct (I hope not) I just think libraries will have to cater to the ebook needs of people even more in the future. Great post! And thanks for checking out my WiW too:)

  3. There are definitely pros to each side! I love the portability of the Kindle and that I can take hundreds of books with me. I'd choose that for a trip.

  4. Great post! I feel the same really. I don't think libraries will have problems. Even as many things are available as e-books, there are some things that are not. And libraries check out e-books too! :-) New follower. Check out my post here:

  5. Another print pros: you can borrow from your friend without time limit (not only loaning). And for worrying about the battery running down, that's one of my problem too with Kindle.

  6. This has always been a struggle for me. I absolutely LOVE my kindle! Hands down freaking love it! But I can't take it to work with me to read on slow days because we aren't allowed to have electronics by the computers. (I work at a bank.) So I have to get the books I want to read in print. I often buy the same book twice, once in print and once for my kindle, because I love my print books and I love my kindle, but I need print to read at work. However when I go places, I don't want to drag the books around and worry about them getting Kindle is the way to go. I'm really supporting these authors. XD

    I also worry about libraries. They are great atmospheres. I never take books out of libraries anymore, I never really used to to begin with, but their atmospheres are great. I'd hate to see them vanish because of ebooks. =/

  7. I have to be honest and say that I would pick my kindle over paperback any day. The only drawback with a kindle for me would be if the battery died, but if you remember to put it on the charger at night before you go to bed that should not be a problem. Remember people it takes the same amount of time to plug a kindle up as it does to place a book on a shelf. (Of course I have a regular kindle so my battery lasts forever anyway. I can't give an honest opinion on other brands or types of devices)

  8. I should care about "green" being in Oregon and all, but books are so lovely... and it never hurts to have e-copy AND print copies!! Of some books, you know.

    What am I saying?!?! I chose the same as YOU!!! Lol.

    Thx for hoppin' by!

  9. I love my nook for all the great things of a ereader but I still love reading a print book!

  10. My husband as an iPad, which I love to borrow for eBooks (both Kindle & Nook books!!!) now and then. I never thought I'd love it so much.

  11. Yeah, I guess the biggest reason I'd like to own a kindle is when I'm travelling :) but I'm a print girl through & through ;) Thanks for visiting my WiW.


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