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Angel Falls by Tracey Sinclair PLUS Interview

It isn't easy to surprise Cassandra Bick. When you run a human-vampire dating agency, your colleague is a witch who is engaged to a shifter and your business partner is one of London's most powerful (and sexiest) vampires, there's no such thing as a normal day at the office. 

But when a mysterious Dark Dates client brings a dire warning of a new threat to the city's supernatural community, Cass and her friends realise they are up against their deadliest foe yet – and that this time, the danger is far closer to home than they could ever have imagined. 

Sexy, snarky and with more bite than a crypt full of vampires, Angel Falls is the latest in the Dark Dates: Cassandra Bick series.

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Whew, what a ride! Why this series is not more popular, I'll never know! Paranormal at it's finest. Action packed from start to finish. 

The gang is back and at it again. The minute they clear up one situation another is on it's heels. Cain is recovering from their last "mission", Laclos is experiencing some unwanted side effects after sampling Cain's brand of cure, and Cass is hoping for a few minutes peace. Too bad it isn't in the cards for her. Medea and Katie are also experiencing some problems. It seems our little ragtag team is falling apart at the seams. As if those aren't enough problems, there is not just one, but several sets of villains vying to take them down. How are they gonna make it out of this one? 

There is a major cliff hanger ending which has me dying for the next book! I need it NOW. If you haven't read this series, do yourself a big favor and start it right away! You will NOT be sorry! Action, snark, and sexiness what more could you want?

I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Interview with the author

Do you write full time? If not, what do you do to bring home the bacon?

I’m a freelance writer and editor, so I do a little of everything – writing for websites and magazines, editing copy, etc. as well as writing books and plays.

Do you have plans for more books in the future?

Yes! I’m working on the next Dark Dates book already, and have a couple of other ideas in progress.

Which of your characters would you want to date?

I think Laclos would be fun for a hot, sexy fling (and what a fling that would be!), but for a long-term relationship, it would have to be Cain.

Did anyone inspire your characters? Personal acquaintances or celebrities?

A lot of the characters were initially inspired by other books, but in a reactionary way – I was bored reading about heroines who were either completely passive or superheroines, so I created someone I thought could be more relatable, and Laclos started out as a pastiche of the kind of super sexy, super smooth vampires you read in a lot of paranormal romances, before he really grew into his own character. Of the others, Katie (Medea’s fiancĂ©e) the no-nonsense nurse, is based on a couple of women I know, one of whom is a nurse – so I get to pick her brains if I need to.

Tell us one thing about you that most people would be surprised to know.

Ah, that would be telling…

What do you do to unwind?

I live in Brighton, on the coast, so my favourite thing to do is walk by the sea.

Do you attend signings? If so which do you attend or which would you like to attend?

Well, this one is slightly sad, because I will never be able to do it now, but I would have loved to have met Terry Pratchett. He’s one of my all-time heroes. I’d love to meet Joss Whedon, but I think I’d just gibber.

This or That
Sexiest part of a male?

I have a thing for well-toned arms. Yummy!

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee. Black and plentiful.

Beach or Mountains?

Beach. I love the sea.

Sunrise or Sunset?


Cat or Dog?


Favorite Color?

I’m currently a bit obsessed with anything metallic and shiny…

Favorite Desert?

Anything chocolatey.

Reading or writing?

Can’t have one without the other!

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