Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Wonderful Request

Ok, I just have to share this wonderful email I received from an author requesting a review. This just made my day. Want to get my attention? Well, Mr. Michael Cargill, you have it! I look forward to reading Shades of Grey (not to be confused with Fifty Shades of Grey) and can't wait to read his interview questions. You can check out his blog for more chuckle inducing witticisms. 

Hello dearest Redheaded Bookworm called Heather or Jessica

Your name popped up in my suggested followers box on Twitter so I followed you and then saw the link to your blog.  Your blog is jolly nice and I like it very much.

You probably aren't aware but I am a poor, starving author who leads a humble and painful existence as he tries to survive on the meagre earnings that life as a writer affords him.  So far this week I have been surviving on just under 250 calories a day and writing this email has expended about half a day's worth of energy already.

If I was able to sample just a sliver of the wonderful riches afforded by your magnificent blog then it would allow me to survive for several decades more.

Would you be willing to read and review my latest book called Shades of Grey?  It is a collection of three short stories and I can provide you with a Smashwords code so you can download a free copy.  If you want to do a giveaway as well then that is fine by me.

The blurby bit is jolly exciting;

John is not a very nice man. He works for the government. So who has tied him to a chair and what do they want?

James is a British soldier during WWII. Tom is a young boy with a terrible secret.

Three stories. Three very different people. All of them battling to survive.

It has garnered plenty of excellent reviews on Goodreads as well.

Thank you muchly oh kind and wonderful ladies of Blogspot

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  1. *blush*

    We barely even know each other!

    Glad I managed to cheer at least one person up today.

  2. That is a pretty awesome email! :)


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