Friday, November 1, 2013

Anti-Bullying Campaign Say NO to Bullying!

Bullying has been around since the beginning of time. So why has it become such a predominate part of our society? Are there more bullies? Have people become more wicked? Has the use of social media intensified its affects?

Bullying takes many forms. From the playground, to school, to social media and even the workplace. I've always heard that bullies are insecure and make themselves feel better by making others feel insecure as well. The question is what can we do? We have to take a stand and show the bullies that we do not condone their behavior. One person can make a difference, but if we all stand together we can make an impact.

One very prominent form of bullying in the blogging community is the reader/author/reviewer bully. Goodreads is a prime hunting ground for this type of bully. I use Goodreads all the time. It can be a very useful tool for readers, authors and reviewers alike but it can also be very overwhelming if you let it. I enjoy reading what others thought about a book. After all, that's what it is there for. If I don't agree with someone's review, I read it and move on. I don't feel the need to bash that person for their opinion. And that's just what it is....their opinion NOT fact. Something that REALLY upsets me is when the reviewer decides to BASH the book or author. Reviews for a book you didn't like can still be done tastefully.

Don't get me wrong, it's not only the reviewer that can get nasty. I've seen some authors who have thrown a few punches too. And I get it. The books they write are very personal to them. They've spent lots of time and put a lot of work into their book. I'm not a writer but I can imagine that their books are like children to them. They've put their blood, sweat and tears into them. But engaging in the madness only makes it worse. And authors have to know that you can't please everyone.

So, are you as a reader, reviewer, or writer tired of all the petty cat fights that have taken over our community? Then stand with us and let the bullies know that we won't back down! Let's take the book world back!


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