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Review ~ Twelve Shades of Midnight Anthology

12 authors…12 unforgettable, never-before-released stories 

Twelve Shades of Midnight

The stroke of midnight ushers in many things. From hijinks and mischief to danger and evil, romance is the magic that binds these paranormal novellas together. Join 12 bestselling and award winning authors as they explore the different shades of midnight in exclusive, never-before-released stories.
The Authors:
Darynda Jones - A LOVELY DROP
Dakota Cassidy - WITCHED AT BIRTH
Claire Cavanaugh - MIDNIGHT RENEGADE
Rachel Grant - MIDNIGHT SUN
Trish McCallan— SPIRIT WOODS
Robyn Peterman - SWITCHING HOUR
Ann Voss Peterson - THE SCHOOL

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The Witch Next Door by Liliana Hart ~ 2 1/2 Stars
This story caught my interest in the beginning, but lost me shortly there after. It became too confusing. I couldn't tell what was past and what was present. I think because of that I just couldn't connect the way I should have.

A Lovely Drop by Darynda Jones ~ 5 Stars
This story was a book packed into a few pages. Of course, I would have expected no less from Darynda. This one pulled me in from page one and I was sad to see it end. The idea of her being able to time travel but only 24 hours back intrigues me. I would love to see more of these characters and find out what happens after this story.....HINT HINT Darynda!

Stone Cold Dead by Shea Berkley ~ 3 Stars
I liked this story, but a key point was missing for me. We never found out what Arana was or why she was cursed. I would have liked to have more of her back story. I realize these are short stories, but I felt that was a big piece of information that was never given. The story itself was interesting. I liked the fact that mere humans were able to slay the big bad vampires. The characters were badass. I really liked that the female was a strong lead that didn't need rescuing.

Witched at Birth by Dakota Cassidy ~ 5 Stars
This was another story that seemed like a book. I loved the characters and the story line. This author is new to me but I can't wait to read more from this author! I wish there were more of this story. I really need to find out what happened to Zelda and I definitely need more of Winnie and Ben...and of course Lola!

Midnight Renegade by Claire Cavanaugh ~ 4 Stars
This one started out a little slow for me. Although I can’t say why it may be that I had just finished the previous story that was fun and light and went straight to this one that is serious. But, it quickly picked up.

It had a strong female lead which I love, but I didn't find it sexy per se because I kept picturing something akin to the Hulk for Alex. I liked all the different abilities and all the action in the end. The mind reading added an element of fun to mix with their inappropriate thoughts. I would like to read more.

Midnight Sun by Rachel Grant ~ 2 Stars
I couldn't connect with this one. There just wasn't enough back story on the characters for me to really care about them. Another thing that may have clouded my judgement on this one is the strong instant physical attraction. Whether it was supernaturally induced or not. I felt like we were told about the attraction not really shown.

Spirit Woods by Trish McCallan ~ 4 Stars
I really liked this one. The mystery of the woods, the long lost "love". I fell in love with Meechum. I would have liked to read more about these characters and of course I am dying to know who's foot prints were in Logan's house.  I will be checking out this series. Maybe we can get some answers in the upcoming book.

Body guards in Heels: Hit and Run Hallie by Angi Morgan ~ 3 Stars
I liked the family aspect of this one. Hallie is an FBI agent turned small time PI. Her first job is from an old flame who happens to be her former partner. When things went south with her last job in the Bureau she packed up and left the FBI and him.

I would have liked a bit more of their back story, but it was a good read.

Dark Guardians: Night of the Jaguar by Robin Perini ~ 4 Stars
This one grabbed me from page one. The ultimate love story tragedy. Vampires and the Order who hunt them. Talk about your kick ass female, WOW. She can take down several men before they even know what hit them. She was definitely fierce! And Cade was very sexy and alpha. I would like to read more of this story!

Switching Hour by Robyn Peterman ~ 4 Stars
I loved that this story was a continuation of Witched at Birthed by Dakota Cassidy. I'm so glad we got Zelda's story and it was great. Watching Zelda interact with the cat and the rest of the animals was hilarious. I would love to read more of Winnie's and Zelda's stories!

Unfortunately, I was unable to finish the last 2 stories of this book before the review was due. I do plan on finishing them and will update this review once they are done. But I feel I can give it a solid 4 stars right now.

I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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